The DNA and Natural Algorithms Group

Alumni Past

*Current Members*

Erik Winfree
Professor of CMS, CNS, and BE
Algorithms in Nature
204b Moore, x6246,
Lucinda Acosta
Administrative Assistant
204c Moore, x5707,
Damien Woods
Senior Research Fellow, CMS (PhD, CS, NUI Maynooth 2005)
models of computation, self-replication
122 Annenberg, x1769,
Dave Doty
Senior Research Fellow, CMS (PhD, CS, Iowa State U. 2009)
theoretical computer science, self-assembly, chemical reaction networks
100 Annenberg, x3534,
Chris Thachuk
Banting Research Fellow, CMS (PhD, CS, U. British Columbia 2012)
theoretical computer science, string algorithms, DNA strand displacement, chemical reaction networks, energy landscapes
122 Annenberg, x1769,
Constantine Evans
Postdoctoral Researcher, BE (PhD, Physics, Caltech 2014)
algorithmic self-assembly, DNA sequence design, physics
216a Moore, x6871,
Niranjan Srinivas
Graduate Student, CNS (Master's, Math & Computational Science, IIT Kanpur, 2008)
machine learning, DNA strand displacement systems
210a Moore, x6994,
Robert Johnson
Graduate Student, BE (Bachelor's, Biology, Caltech, 2014)
chemical reaction networks, DNA strand displacement, verification, complexity theory
216a Moore, x6871,
Sam Clamons
2014-2015 Graduate Rotation Student, BE (Bachelor's, CS/Ma, William & Mary, 2014)
surface-localized chemical reaction networks, simulation
210a Moore, x6994,
James Parkin
2014-2015 Graduate Rotation Student, BE (Bachelor's, Bioengineering, UIUC, 2014)
DNA strand displacement, DNA sequence design
210a Moore, x6994,
Joseph Berleant
Undergraduate Researcher, CNS
DNA strand displacement, Multistrand simulation, DNA sequence design
210c Moore, x6996,
Nicholas Schiefer
Undergraduate Researcher, CS
Chemical reaction network and tile self-assembly theory
210c Moore, x6996,
Masa Ono
Undergraduate Researcher, CS
DNA origami and DNA tile self-assembly
210c Moore, x6996,

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